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5-7 Society for Education in Chiba Prefecture, "Explanation of the New Constitution"

 The promulgation of the new Constitution brought forth many documents aimed at explaining it to the people. The Constitution Popularization Society set up offices in all of the prefectures across the nation, and many activities were carried out at the local level during this period.

 This document was published by the Society for Education in Chiba Prefecture to explain the new Constitution, and is an example of such activities. Tokutaro Kimura, Minister of Justice, contributed the introduction.

Actual Title of Source Shin Kenpo no Kaisetsu
Author(s) or Creator(s) Hiroshi Nakayama
Place of Publication Chiba
Publisher The Society for Education in Chiba Prefecture
Date of Publication March 28, 1947
Physical Description 143 pages, 18 cm
NDC 323.4
Call Number 323.4-N534s
Repository National Diet Library
Note Cover only shown.
Exhibit material was reissued
The first edition was issued on march 18, 1947
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