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5-6 Publication and Work of the Constitution Popularization Society

 The Constitution Popularization Society was established on December 1, 1946 aiming to "thoroughly popularize the spirit of the new Constitution through activities to raise awareness of it so as to touch every aspect of the lives of the citizens." They carried out these activities for a year after the promulgation of the Constitution using practically every form of media available at the time. This Society was established as GHQ was putting pressure on the Japanese government to popularize its own Constitution at home and abroad.

 As soon as it was established, members of the Constitution Popularization Society started working on informing the people of the new Constitution. Their first task, on February 15, 1947, was to hold special training seminars at the Yasuda Auditorium of the University of Tokyo, to train government employees who would play a major role in its work. The transcript of the lectures was called "Lectures on the New Constitution." While "Lectures on the New Constitution" was used as a textbook to train the people working on the popularization of the Constitution, "New Constitution-Bright Life" was published with the aim of popularizing the Constitution and was distributed to every household in the country. According to the "Summary Report of Operations," the Constitution Popularization Society printed 50,000 copies of "Lectures on the New Constitution," and 20,000,000 copies of the "New Constitution-Bright Life" booklet.

Actual Title of Source Kenpo Fukyu Kai Hen, Atarashii Kenpo Akarui Seikatsu
Date May 3, 1947
Document Number Kondo Hideaki Papers: 274
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Actual Title of Source Jigyo Gaiyo Hokokusho, Kenpo Fukyu Kai
Author(s) or Creator(s) The Constitution Popularization Society
Place of Publication Tokyo
Publisher The Constitution Popularization Society
Date of Publication December 1947
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Author(s) or Creator(s) Kenpo Fukyukai
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Publisher Seikai Tsushinsha
Date of Publication July 20, 1947
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