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3-16 Records of the Meeting when GHQ Draft was Presented to Japanese Government, February 13, 1946

 These documents give us a record, from both the GHQ and Japanese sides' (Joji Matsumoto's) point of view, regarding the presentation of the GHQ Draft to the Japanese government during their meeting on February 13, 1946. There are no major differences between the two records of the discussions, but the record by the GHQ gives us reason to believe that the Japanese government representatives, who were expecting a response to the "Matsumoto Draft," were absolutely shocked when presented with the completely unexpected GHQ Draft and the rejection of the "Matsumoto Draft."

Actual Title of Source Record of Events on 13 February 1946 when Proposed New Constitution for Japan was Submitted to the Prime Minister, Mr. Yoshida, in Behalf of the Supreme Commander
Date [13 February 1946]
Document Number Alfred Hussey Papers; Constitution File No. 1, Doc. No. 14
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Repository National Diet Library
Actual Title of Source Nigatsu Jusan-nichi Kaikenki Ryaku
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Repository (reproduction)  
Repository Matsumoto Papers, Legal History Section, Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
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