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3-6 Rowell "Comments on Constitutional revision proposed by private group," January 11, 1946

 GHQ had paid careful attention, mainly through Lieutenant Colonel Milo Rowell of Government Section, to various Constitution revision proposals announced in Japan. Of these proposals, Rowell focused his examination on the proposal from the Constitution Investigation Association, and organized his opinions about it in the document presented here. Rowell assessed the various articles in the Association's proposal and stated that it was "democratic and acceptable," and on top of that it had "outstanding liberal" provisions for a doctrine of popular sovereignty and a referendum system. The proposal from the Association had long been said to be similar to the GHQ Draft later created, and when this document was found in 1959 it became clear that the Association's proposal had actually exercised great influence on the GHQ Draft.

Actual Title of Source Memorandum for Chief of Staff. Subject:Comments on Constitutional revision proposed by private group
Date 11 January 1946
Document Number GHQ/SCAP Records; Government Section; Box No. 2225: "The Japanese Constitution" <Sheet No. GS(B) 02090-02092>
Repository (reproduction) National Diet Library
Repository U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (RG331)
Note Microfiche
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