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3-5 Rowell "Report of preliminary studies and recommendations of Japanese Constitution," December 6, 1945

 This report indicates the progress that GHQ was making on the analysis and revisions to the Meiji Constitution. Major Milo Rowell, who was in charge of revisions to the Constitution in Government Section, wrote it. After suggesting to the Japanese government that the Constitution be revised, GHQ maintained a 'wait and see' attitude about the Japanese government's own efforts on creating a revision proposal. This document was created to organize the specific issues whenever GHQ met with the representatives of the Japanese government as well as for analyzing revision proposals that were submitted by the government. In this report Rowell suggests several provisions that the revised Constitution should include.

Actual Title of Source Report of preliminary studies and recommendations of Japanese Constitution
Date 6 December 1945
Document Number Milo Rowell Papers on New Japanese Constitution, Doc. No. 1
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Repository National Diet Library
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