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2-19 Kishio Satomi, "Suggested Revision of Constitution of the Empire of Japan," January 28, 1946

 Kishio Satomi, a philosopher who proposed the scientific study of the national polity, criticized the argument for the elimination of the Emperor system on the one hand, pointed out weaknesses inherent in the theory of maintaining the national polity, and published a constitutional reform proposal based on his own line of reasoning. His proposal led off with such ideas as the differentiation of the national polity and the governmental system, leaving the Imperial Reign unchanged, and investing democracy with Japanese characteristics. This proposal, though there were some reductions in the Emperor's prerogative, retained many of the ideas of the Meiji Constitution with legal reservations to the freedom of his subjects. On the other hand, he had divided the Imperial Diet into two chambers, the Eastern House and the Western House, and proposed that candidates for Prime Minister of State be chosen by popular election and that political parties be officially recognized. Also among his original provisions were the establishment of a constitutional council, a national polity council,and a bureaucracy control committee.

Actual Title of Source Hogaku Hakase, Satomi Kishio Ko, Dainippon Teikoku Kenpo Kaisei An Shigi, Nihon Kokutai Gakkai
Date [Announced January 28, 1946]
Document Number Irie Toshio Papers: 11
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