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2-20 Investigation Report by Constitutional Studies Committee, Imperial University of Tokyo

 On February 14, 1946, the Constitution Investigation Committee (chaired by Toshiyoshi Miyazawa) was formed in the Imperial University of Tokyo, on the initiative of Shigeru Nanbara, the President of the University. Originally, the committee had independently determined the "problems that should be examined regarding the revision of the Constitution." However, with the announcement by the government of the "Outline of a Draft for a Revised Constitution" on March 6, and then the "Draft for a Revised Constitution" on April 17, the committee changed its plan and focused on making amendments to the government draft.

 The committee produced the first report on the procedure to amend the Constitution, advocating the establishment of a constitutional convention. The subsequent studies resulted in the second report, the proposed amendments to each article of the government draft, which included modification of the expressions regarding the sovereignty of the people, additions to the articles determining the "rightsand duties of the people," and so on. These reports were not officially published, but the ideas of these reports were reflected in the process of revising the Constitution, as the members of the committee later became Imperial appointees to the deliberation on the Constitution in the House of Peers as well as members of the Temporary Committee for the Investigation of Legislation where they drafted the bills attached to the Constitution.

Actual Title of Source Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku Kenpo Kenkyu Iinkai Hokokusho
Date [1946]
Document Number Sato Tatsuo Papers: 4
Repository (reproduction)  
Repository Wagatsuma Sakae Papers, Center for Modern Japanese and Political Documents, Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
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