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2-2 Soichi Sasaki, "Necessity to Reform the Imperial Constitution," November 24, 1945

 This is the proposal presented to the Emperor on November 24, (dated November 23) 1945 by Soichi Sasaki, Commissioner for the Office of the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, who was reluctant to adopt the opinions of GHQ. He begins by judging whether the Meiji Constitution should be reformed or not, and presents his revision draft composed of one hundred articles. With articles 1 to 4 regarding the Emperor unchanged, it contained revisions that supported the framework of the Meiji Constitution even more than the Konoye proposal. Noteworthy among these are the stipulations for the right to life, establishment of a constitutional court, and articles on local self government.

Actual Title of Source Teikoku Kenpo Kaisei no Hitsuyo, Naidaijinfu Goyogakari, Sasaki Soichi Hoto
Date November 23, 1945
Document Number Sato Tatsuo Papers: 4
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Repository National Diet Library
Note This material was printed by the Bureau of Legislation on September 4, 1954.
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