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2-1 Prince Konoye's Draft of Constitution Revision

 This document was presented to the Emperor independently by Prince Konoye, who had not been able to reach agreement with his collaborator Soichi Sasaki before the Office of the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal was eliminated. It was drafted in the form of an outline without being fully written. While it maintained almost all of the basic framework of the Meiji Constitution, for the most part it reflected the orientation of such GHQ revisions to the Constitution as reforming the Emperor system as a means to strengthen democratic tendencies as well as giving consideration to limits on the Imperial prerogative and freedom to the Emperor's subjects. This proposal was published on December 21 in the Mainichi Shimbun after Konoye's suicide.

Actual Title of Source Teikoku Kenpo no Kaisei ni Kanshi Kosashite Etaru Kekka no Yoko
Date November 22, 1945
Document Number  
Repository (reproduction)  
Repository National Archives of Japan
Actual Title of Source Konoyeko no Kenpo Kaisei Soan (Mainichi Shimbun)
Author(s) or Creator(s)  
Place of Publication Tokyo
Publisher The Mainichi Newspapers
Date of Publication December 21, 1945
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Call Number Z81-6 For use in the library call number: YB-6 (microfilm)
Repository National Diet Library
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