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1-22 Aim of the Establishment of the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee

 During the first general meeting of the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee on October 27, 1945, this document was used by Joji Matsumoto, Minister of State and Chairman of the Committee, to explain the scope of the Committee's mission. On October 25, the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee was established by the agreement of the Cabinet, not by the official confirmation of the government. This was because the Japanese government felt the pressure from MacArthur's October 11 suggestion to initiate an examination of the Constitution. It was the contention of Matsumoto, the chairman of the Committee, that the mission of the Committee was not to quickly draft a proposal for revisions, but to carry out research in order to provide for possible revisions in the future.

Actual Title of Source [Kenpo Mondai Chosa Iinkai Secchi No Shushi]
Date October 27, 1945
Document Number Irie Toshio Papers: 9
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