Toshio Irie, "Notes on the Process of Constitutional Reform," January to May 1946

These notes written by Toshio Irie describe his activities working with the government to reform the Constitution from January to May of 1946. Irie, as the Vice Director General of the Bureau of Legislation, later as the Director General of the Bureau, was a key person in the government's efforts to reform the Constitution. The entries that cover the period from February 13, after the GHQ Draft was received, until March 6, when the Japanese government presented its "Outline of a Draft for a Revised Constitution," give a particularly rich impression of the times. In later years, Irie added some supplements.

Actual Title of Source Kenpo Kaisei Keika Shuki
Date January to May 1946
Material Number Irie Toshio Papers: 16
Repository (reproduction)  
Repository National Diet Library


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