Glossary and Abbreviations

Abbreviations(in alphabetical order)


ACJ Allied Council for Japan
AG Adjutant General's Section
AFPAC Army Forces in the Pacific
ATIS Allied Translation and Interpreters Service
CAC Country and Area Committee
CCD Civil Censorship Detachment
CCS Civil Communications Section
CHS Civil Historical Section
CIE Civil Information and Education Section
CINC Commander in Chief
CIS Civil Intelligence Section
CIS Counter Intelligence Section
CLO Central Liaison Office
CPC Office of Civil Property Custodian
CTS Civil Transportation Section
DS Diplomatic Section
ESS Economic and Scientific Section
FEAC Far Eastern Advisory Commission
FEC Far Eastern Commission
G-1,2,3,4 General Staff-1,2,3,4
GAS General Accounting Section
GHQ General Headquarters
GPA General Procurement Agent
GS Government Section
IMTFE International Military Tribunal for the Far East
IPS International Prosecution Section
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
LS Legal Section
NRS Natural Resources Section
PHW Public Health and Welfare Section
PRO Public Relations Office
POLAD Office of Political Advisors
PWC Post-War Programs Committee
SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
SFE Subcommittee for the Far East
SRS Statistical and Reports Section
SWNCC State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee

Source: Takemae, Eiji. GHQ Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1983


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