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This exhibition has been based on the following book:
Inkyunabura no Sekai (The World of Incunabula) / written by Hiroharu Orita, compiled by the Library Research Institute of the National Diet Library. Tokyo: Japan Library Association, July 2000 (in Japanese). (NDL call number: UM31-G9).


We would like to express our gratitude to the organizations listed below for the cooperation extended, including the provision of materials for this exhibition.

Exhibited Materials

Of the materials shown in the Incunabula Collection, those shown in "Incunabula" can be read in the Rare Books and Old Materials Room of the NDL. All the materials shown in the Incunabula Leaves can be read in the Special Purpose Reading Room 1, except for the leaf included in the Gutenberg and the Catholicon of 1460 (New York, 1936), which can be read in the Rare Books and Old Materials Room.

All materials used as illustrations, etc. can be read in the Rare Books and Old Materials Room and Special Purpose Reading Room 1, except for those provided by the above-mentioned libraries.

Review of Contents

Hiroharu Orita, NDL staff, was the reviewer in charge of this exhibition.


August 4, 2005 Added expository writings, Glossary and Chronological Table on the History of Incunabula.


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