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TOP > Publications > Books on Japan > 2016.Jan~Dec Science and technology

2016.Jan~Dec Science and technology

As of Apr.25, 2017

Science and technology

Essays on the history of scientific thought in modern Japan / edited by Osamu Kanamori ; translated by Christopher Carr, M.G. Sheftall. -- Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2016.3. -- 336p ; 23cm. -- (Japan library)
Contents: A portrait of the history of scientific thought / Osamu Kanamori 著. Nuclear and elementary particle physics / Takuji Okamoto 著. The formation of Japan's tradition of organic chemistry research with Rikō Majima / Masanori Kaji 著. The formation and development of the self-image of kanpō medicine in Japan / Shin Chang-Geon 著
ISBN 978-4-916055-61-3
Flora of Japan.volume 4b / edited by Kunio Iwatsuki, David E. Boufford, Hideaki Ohba. -- Tokyo : Kodansha, 2016.3印刷. -- 335p ; 31cm
volume 4b. Angiospermae monocotyledoneae (b).
Contents: Angiospermae monocotyledoneae (b)
ISBN 978-4-06-154608-0
High tech in Japan. -- Tokyo : High Tech Research Institute, 1985.8. -- 208p ; 26cm
The Natural Features of Mount Fuji : Biodiversity Hot Spot.Volume1 / Mount Fuji Nature Conservation Center [編集]. -- 長野 : Hoozuki Shoseki ; 東京 : 星雲社 (発売), 2016.4. -- 64p ; 21×30cm
Volume1. Current Status of the Mountain's Northern Side.
Contents: Current Status of the Mountain's Northern Side
ISBN 978-4-434-21920-7
Nature in the Ryukyu archipelago : coral reefs, biodiversity, and the natural environment / edited by Kazuhiko Fujita, Takamitsu Arakaki, Tetsuo Denda, Michio Hidaka, Euichi Hirose, James Davis Reimer. -- Nishihara-machi (Okinawa-ken) : International Research Hub Project for Climate Change and Coral Reef/Island Dynamics Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus, c2015. -- 151p ; 30cm
ISBN 978-4-9908607-0-7
Science and technology in Japan today. -- Tokyo : High Technology Research Institute, 1991.12. -- 210p ; 27cm
Science and technology research in Japan's future / by Shinichi Ichikawa, Takemochi Ishii, Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Shigeru Watanabe, Takeshi Nagano, Science and Technology Agency. -- Tokyo : Foreign Press Center Japan, 1990. -- 40p ; 21cm. -- (Reference reading series ; 22)
Science, technology, and medicine in the modern Japanese Empire / edited by David G. Wittner and Philip C. Brown. -- London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016. -- xx, 290 pages ; 24 cm. -- (Routledge studies in the modern history of Asia ; 113)
ISBN 9781138905337
Spotlight on Yamanashi. -- [東京] : Nature Publishing Group, [2016]. -- 10p ; 28cm. -- (Nature jobs)
Structure and function of mountain ecosystems in Japan : biodiversity and vulnerability to climate change / Gaku Kudo editor. -- [東京] : Springer, c2016. -- 173p ; 25cm. -- (Ecological research monographs / series editor Yoh Iwasa, ISSN 2191-0707)
Contents: Influences of climate change on the distribution and population dynamics of subalpine coniferous forest in the Hakkoda Mountains, Northern Japan / Tohru Nakashizuka ほか著. Trait-based approaches for understanding species niche, coexistence, and functional diversity in subalpine moorlands / Kouki Hikosaka ほか著. Landscape structure of flowering phenology in alpine ecosystems / Gaku Kudo 著. Plant genetic diversity and plant-pollinator interactions along altitudinal gradients / Takao Itino, Akira S. Hirao 著. Vegetation zonation and conifer dominance along latitudinal and altitudinal gradients in humid regions of the Western Pacific / Shin-ichiro Aiba 著. Roles of terrestrial carbon subsidies to aquatic community metabolism in mountain lake ecosystems / Tomoya Iwata ほか著. Planktonic bacterial communities in mountain lake ecosystems / Masanori Fujii ほか著
ISBN 978-4-431-55952-8
Supplement Ⅰ to the Japanese pharmacopoeia thirteenth edition. -- [東京] : The Ministry of Health and Welfare, [1998]. -- p1091-1162 ; 30cm
Supplement Ⅱ to the Japanese pharmacopoeia thirteenth edition. -- [東京] : The Ministry of Health and Welfare, [2000]. -- 6p, p1163-1290 ; 30cm
Supplement Ⅱ to the pharmacopoeia of Japan twelfth edition : English version. -- [東京] : The Ministry of Health and Welfare, [1994]. -- p873-986 ; 30cm
ISBN 4-8408-0354-4

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