KATAOKA Kenkichi

Date of Birth and Death
February 14, 1844 - Octover 31, 1903
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status


Democratic activist and statesman. Born to a feudal retainer of the Tosa Domain. After serving in the Boshin War, he visited Europe and America for two years from 1871. He returned to his hometown after resigning due to his the defeat regarding the Seikanron (debate on the subjugation of Korea) in 1873, and established Risshisha with ITAGAKI Taisuke, UEKI Emori and HAYASHI Yuzo to promote the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement. He submitted a petition to the League for Establishing a National Assembly together with KONO Hironaka in 1880. Participated in the formation of the Liberal Party (Jiyuto) and was elected to the House of Representatives eight times in a row starting with the first general election. He belonged to the Liberal Party, the Constitutional Party (Kenseikai) and the Association of Friends of the Constitution (Rikkenseiyukai), and served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.


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KATAOKA Kenkichi

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