Date of Birth and Death
March 13, 1883 - April 2, 1956
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Literary Figure , Artist
Pen name etc.
Mitsutaro (real name), TAKAMURA Saiu(pen name)


Poet and sculptor. He entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (later, Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1897. While he studied sculpture and Western-style painting at university, he joined Shinshi-sha and published tanka poetry works in the magazine Myojo. In 1906 he went to Europe and the U.S. to study sculpture and returned back to Japan in 1909. In 1914, he published the free-style poetry collection Dotei (Road) and married Naganuma Chieko. He concentrated on sculpture making for a while, and translated Auguste Rodin's writings and published them as Rodan no Kotoba (Auguste Rodin's Words) in 1916. He continued to take care of his mentally ill wife, and after Chieko passed away in 1938, he published the verse collection Chieko Sho (Chieko's Sky) in 1941. Publicly he supported Japan's military actions and published the poetry collection Ooinaru Hi ni (For the Greatest Day) (1942). In the post-war period he lived in the mountains of Hanamaki, and completed a sculpture of two nude women at Towada lake.


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