UNO Koji

Date of Birth and Death
July 26, 1891 - September 21, 1961
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Literary Figure
Pen name etc.
Kakujiro (pen name), Tamaru Katsunosuke (pen name)


Novelist. He dropped out of Wasade University. In 1919 he published Kura no Naka (In the Storehouse) in the magazine Bunsho Sekai, and he earned recognition in the literary world with works like Ku no Sekai (The World of Agony) (1919-20). In the Showa period his writing activity experienced a slump due to his deteriorating mental health, but he bounced back with Kareki no Aru Fukei (Views with Withered Trees) in 1933 and joined in establishing a new magazine, Bungakukai.


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UNO Koji

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