UNO Chiyo

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November 28, 1897 - June 10, 1996
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Novelist. In 1921 her novel (Confessions of Love) won a competition held by Jiji Shinpo and she moved to Tokyo. She started to live with Ozaki Shiro and became a full-time writer. In 1930, while living with Togo Seiji, she published the romance adventure novel Iro Zange (1933-35). In 1936 she established the publishing company Sutairu-sha and issued the new magazine Buntai, before marrying Kitahara Takeo in 1939. During the war, she published Ningyoshi Tenguya Hisakichi (1942) in the magazine Chuo Koron. In the post-war period, she wrote novels like Ohan (1947-57). She divorced Kitahara in 1964 and, based upon this experience, she wrote the passionate memoir Ikiteiku Watashi (I Will Go On Living) (1982-83).


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UNO Chiyo

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