SATO Susumu

Date of Birth and Death
December 23, 1845 - July 25, 1921
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Doctor, Pharmacist, etc.


Surgeon. In 1867, he was adopted by SATO Shochu and became the 3rd generation head of Juntendo. In 1869, he went to study at the University of Berlin, Germany, and after returning to Japan, he was put in charge of surgery at Juntendo. During the Seinan War in 1877, he served as Army Surgeon General, and then as the Chief of the Army Headquarters Hospital after the war, but later resigned. While managing Juntendo, he concurrently served as director of the first and second hospitals of the Imperial University of Tokyo in 1885. He assumed the position of Army Surgeon General in 1895. He was instrumental in founding the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association and served as director of the Joshibi Art School.


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SATO Susumu

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