Date of Birth and Death
September 2, 1871 - December 7, 1946
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Pen name etc.
KAWAKAMI Sadayakko, Sada


Became a geisha of Yoshi-cho, Tokyo and got married to the actor Otojiro Kawakami in 1891. She made a tour of Europe in the company of Otojiro and enjoyed a great deal of popularity as Madame Sadayakko. After returning to Japan, she was active as a marquee actress of the Seigeki Undo (dialogue-based theater movement) by Otojiro. She established the Teikoku Joyu Yoseijo (the Imperial Actress Training Institute) in 1908. Although she retired after the death of Otojiro in 1917, she launched the Kawakami Jido Gakugeki-dan in 1924 and endeavored to popularize the infant theater. She built the Teishoji temple in Unuma, Gifu Prefecture and she became a monk in 1933.


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