Date of Birth and Death
December 6, 1880 - January 7, 1971
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Businessperson , Politician


Graduated from Tokyo Koto Shogyo Gakko (Tokyo Higher Commercial School, later Hitotsubashi University). After working at Mitsui Bussan (Mitsui Trading Company), he founded the Uchida Kisen (Uchida Steamship Co.) in 1914 and amassed a fortune taking advantage of the economic boom in shipbuilding and maritime business during the World War I. He was elected a member of the House of Representatives in 1924 and was elected consecutively seven times. He served as the Railways Minister in the Okada Cabinet in 1934, as the governor of Miyagi Prefecture in 1943, the Agriculture and Commerce Minister in the Tojo Cabinet in 1944 and a member of the House of Peers. He was purged from public office after the war. After the release from the purge, he was elected a member of the House of Representatives in 1952. He was appointed the Minister of Agriculture in the fifth Yoshida Cabinet. He served as the chairperson of Meiji Kaiun (Meiji Shipping) beginning in 1949.


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