Date of Birth and Death
August 27, 1896 - September 21, 1933
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Literary Figure , Scholar (Natural Science)


Poet and author of children’s stories. After graduating from the Morioka Koto Norin Gakko (Morioka Imperial College of Agriculture and Forestry) in 1918, he joined his family’s business. He wrote poems and children’s stories about the nature and life in the Tohoku region while contributing to the improvement of people’s livelihoods as an agricultural advisor. In 1924, he published the poetry collection Haru to Shura (An Ashura in Spring) and the collection of children’s stories Chumon no Ooi Ryoriten (The Restaurant of Many Orders) at his own expense. He spent his days in a villa in a suburban area of Hananomaki engaging in self-sufficient farming and founded the private school Rasu Chijin Kyokai. He named the imaginary utopia in his work Ihatov (Ihatobu) based on the motif of his hometown, Iwate. He died of illness at the age of 37, and one year later, in October 1934, a Miyazawa Kenji Zenshu (Complete Collection of Kenji Miyazawa) of three total volumes was published from Bunpodo.


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