Date of Birth and Death
February 23, 1872 - January 28, 1928
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Scholar (Human Science)


Historian specializing in Western history. A graduate of the Faculty of History of the Imperial University of Tokyo. He became an associate professor at Kyoto Imperial University in 1907 and established Western history classes with Hara Katsuro. After studying in Germany and France, he became a professor at and later head of the Kyoto Imperial University College of Literature in 1913. As an undergraduate, he studied under Professor Ludwig Riess and learned Ranke’s approach to history. He studied ancient Greek and Roman political and cultural history from the perspective of global history. His notable works include Sekaishi in okeru Girisha Bunmei no Choryu (Traces of Ancient Greek Civilization in World History), Gaikan Sekaishi Cho (The Outline of Global History), and Doitsu Shigakushi (The History of German Histography), as well as a translation, Sekaisshi to ha Nanzoya (“What is History” in English and “Einleitung in die Geschichtswissenschaft” in the original German), of a work by Ernst Bernheim.


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