Tomioka, Tessai (1837 - 1924)

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Occupation, Status Artist
Birthplace(modern name) Kyoto
Date of Birth and Death Jan. 25, 1837 - Dec. 31, 1924
Pen name etc. Tesshi


Painter. Born in Kyoto, the son of a merchant of canonical robes. After learning kokugaku(National Learning), Confucianism, and Buddhist scriptures, he studied under poet Rengetsu Otagaki. Beginning in 1868, he served as Chief Priest of various Shinto shrines and promoted restoration of shrines. In 1881, he settled in Kyoto and spent most of his time studying and painting. He became a leading figure of the Nanga painting circles. He was named a teishitsu gigeiin (Imperial artist) in 1917, and a member of Teikoku Bijutsu-in in 1919. He continued to finess his artistic style and didn't stop painting into the last year of his life.

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Source:Tomioka Tessai no Kenkyu
Call no.:721.7-Ko91-2
Monochrome, 10.8×14.6 cm

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Source:Kokushi Shozo Taisei
Call no.:281.038-Ko53
Monochrome, 5.6×7.4 cm