ONOE Kikugoro V

Date of Birth and Death
July 18, 1844 - February 18, 1903
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Pen name etc.
Otowaya, TERASHIMA Kiyoshi


Kabuki actor. Born in Tokyo as the son of Uzaemon Ichimura XII, who was Zasu (master) of the Edo Ichimuraza. He made his first appearance on a stage of the Ichimuraza in 1849, succeeded the name of Uzaemon Ichimura XIII in 1851, and served as Zamoto (producer) of the Ichimuraza for 17 years. In 1868, he assumed the name of Kikugoro Onoe V, and was called "Dankikusa", together with Danjuro Ichikawa IX and Sadanji Ichikawa I. He could play various roles from Tachiyaku (men's role) to Onnagata (women's role), but he played Sewamono plays written by Mokuami most often. He established the "Shin Koengeki Jisshu" (ten new old-style plays), which includes "Modoribashi" and "Tsuchigumo" (earth spider), to be handed down from father to son.


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ONOE Kikugoro V

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