SHIBA Shigeri

Date of Birth and Death
1843 - March 9, 1907
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Government Official


Samurai of the Kanazawa Clan. Born in Ishikawa. He became a close aide to Yoshiyasu Maeda and went to Kyoto with Yoshiyasu in 1863, where he focused on the movement to suspend the Choshu expedition. In 1864, when the Kinmon Incident broke out, he went to Kyoto as the representative of Yoshiyasu, who had already retired from Kyoto and was engaged in guard duty at the Sento Imperial Palace. In 1865, he became karo (chief retainer) of the clan. During the Boshin War he was ordered to hunt down the rebels in the Hokuetsu district and captured Nagaoka Castle, and subsequently undertook mobile warfare in the Ou district. In 1869, he got an important post in the Kanazawa Clan, and then became gondai-sanji (intermediate official), but soon resigned from the post. In 1900, he became a danshaku (baron).


SHIBA Shigeri

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