Kanpan Gyokuseki shirin.

Tr. by Mitsukuri Genpo et al. S.l.: s.n., n.d. 4 v. <W473-N8>

This is a government publication by the Bureau for the Inspection of Western Books. The publication date is not shown, but is thought to be around 1863. It is mainly a translation of articles on the foreign affairs and sciences appeared in the Dutch magazine Nederlandsch magazijn (called Oranda hokan in Japanese). Due to the division of labor among the employees of the Bureau for the Inspection of Western Books, the majority of this was translated by Genpo. This image is from the Biography of Galileo in the beginning of Volume 2, which is a translation of the passage on Galileo from Volume 3 of Algemeen woordenboek van kunsten en wetenschappen by G. Nieuwenhuis published in 1822. This was previously owned by Kaiseijo.