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Meguro-ku, Shimomeguro
Heading from the direction of Ryusen-ji Temple (Meguro Fudo) and crossing over the Taiko-bashi Bridge which spans the Meguro-gawa River, then climbing the approximately 140m long steep slope Gyonin-zaka Hill, on the top of the hill past Myo'o-in Shrine, Daien-ji Temple on the right side, there was a tea house on the left side. Taiko-bashi Bridge was completed at the end of the Kyoho Era (1716-1736) by Mokujiki Shonin, with the assistance of merchants from Hacchobori. The origin of the name of Gyonin-zaka Hill was that a gyonin (ascetic) named Daikai Hoin from Mount Yudono, one of the Three Mountains of Dewa, began to practice his ascetic training here, and soon many other people ascetics gathered and began to live here as well. Daien-ji Temple is said to have been the source of the Big Fires of Meguro Gyoninzaka in 1772, which were one of the Three Great Fires of Edo, and in 3 directions around the interior of the temple grounds a Shaka Sanzon statue (statue of Shakyamuni flanked by two attendants) and approximately 520 stone statues of the 500 Rakans were carved over 50 years as a memorial for the dead of the fires.