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Other Name(s)
O-kawa, Asakusa-gawa
Current Address
Adachi-ku / Arakawa-ku / Taito-ku / Sumida-ku / Chuo-ku / Koto-ku
During the Edo Period the river was called by a variety of names depending on location. The area downstream from Senju-ohashi Bridge was called the Sumida-gawa River, while around Asakusa it was called the Asakusa-gawa River and Miyato-gawa River, around Ryokgoku it was called the Ryogoku-gawa River, and downstream it was called Okawa River. There are bridges and ferries at each location along the river, and it played a very important role in both transportation and distribution. The area along the river was a recreation spot for the people of Edo, with the cherry blossoms of the embankment of the Sumida-gawa River in the spring and the cool breeze in the summer.