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Current Address
Chiyoda-ku, Hibiya / Kasumigaseki
The area around the Sotosakurada-mon Gate (present day Sakurada-mon Gate). In the area surrounded by the Hibiya-bori Moat, Sakurada-bori Moat and the outer moat a series of samurai residences stood. This was originally an inlet of Tokyo Bay, however during Bunroku Era (1592-96), the inlet was landfilled using the large amount of soil that came out of the Edo Castle Nishinomaru construction. This became a residential area for many Daimyo (feudal lords) throughout the Edo Period.
The red gate of the Ii residence of the Hikone Clan along the Sakurada-bori Moat, and the Sakura no i Well in front of the Ii residence were often featured in nishiki-e. This is precisely the location where the Sakuradamon Incident occurred. In addition, the Ii residence is the location of the present day Parliamentary Museum.