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Other Name(s)
Takeshibaura, Sodegaura
Current Address
Minato-ku, Shinbashi / Shiba
This is the name of a wide area from Shibaguchi (present day Shinbashi) on the Minato Ward side of Tokyo Bay south to Honshiba (present day Tamachi). This was a fishing spot that existed even before Tokugawa Ieyasu began his own closed off domain in the Kan Hasshu (Eight Provinces of Kanto) in 1590. Shellfish, eel, prawns, flounder, black sea bream and a variety of other seafood was caught here, and was charged with providing seafood to the Shogun family very early on, even compared to the other Osai Sakana Hachigaura (8 fishing areas which presented seafood to the Shogun family). In addition, although Nihonbashi was famous as a starting point for the Tokaido Highway, Honshiba was the starting point for 3 years until Nihonbashi was made the starting point in 1603.