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Other Name(s)
Sanno Gongen no Yashiro, Hiyoshi Sanno-jinja Shrine
Current Address
Chiyoda-ku, Nagata-cho
During the Bunmei Era (1469-87), Ota Dokan enshrined the Kawagoe Hie-jinja Shrine as a guardian deity inside the Edo Castle. It became the ubusunagami (the protective deity of one's birthplace) for the Tokugawa Clan. The shrine was later transferred outside of the castle, and was relocated to its current location in 1659. The annual festival on June 15 was called the Sanno Festival (another name, Goyomatsuri or Tenkamatsuri) and was one of 3 major festivals in Edo. In 1869 the shrine was renamed Hie-jinja Shrine.