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Kita-ku, Ojihonmachi / Takinogawa
Oji was originally called Kishimura, however the Nyakuichioji no Yashiro Shrine was re-enshrined here from Kumano in Kii, founding the Oji Gongen no Yashiro Shrine, so the name was changed to Ojimura. It flourished as a resort area as a result of the presence of Oji Inari no Yashiro Shrine, and Mt. Asukayama, and a number of famous restaurants were located here including Ogiya and Ebiya.
Takino-gawa River was another name used for the Shakujii-gawa River in this area. Because it was a meandering river with ravines and a fast flow, it was a river like a waterfall and came to be called Takino-gawa River (river of waterfalls). It was famous for its scenery including the waterfalls in the ravines and changing of the leaves in autumn.