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Other Name(s)
Mimeguri Inari, Tanaka Inari
Current Address
Sumida-ku, Mukojima
The date of the shrine's founding is unknown. The name Mimeguri, meaning 3 circles, is said to originate from when a white fox appeared from the idol of an old man astride a white fox was dug up from under the shrine pavilion, and the white fox spun around 3 times and disappeared. The shrine is famous for a legend which said it rained on June 28, 1693, when the haiku poet Takarai Kikaku wrote a poem praying for rain. The shrine is on low land and the Torii gates were also built lower than the embankments, so looking towards the shrine from the Sumida-gawa River it appears that the Torii gates have sunk into the embankment.