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Formal Name
Kumano Junisho Gongen no Yashiro Shrine
Other Name(s)
Kumano no Yashiro, Junisho Gongen no Yashiro
Current Address
Shinjuku-ku, Nishishinjuku
This began during the Oei Era (1349-1427), when a man called Suzuki Kuro came from Kishu and he enshrined deities the Junisho of his hometown Kumano. The name of the surrounding area is called Juniso. The Juniso Pond which was located at the west side of Kumano-jinja Shrine, was used as a reservoir for the town of Tsunowazu, and there is a legend that a woman drowned herself and became a giant serpent. There was a waterfall on the eastern side and it was popular as a scenic spot.