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Other Name(s)
Current Address
Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi / Hayabusa-cho / Hirakawa-cho
Both sides of the main street (Koshu Dochu Road) which runs from Hanzo-mon Gate to Yotsuyakojimachi and the southern side of the road. There are 3 theories about the origin of the name, one is that it was called kojimachi ("small road town", pronounced the same but written with different Kanji characters) due to the shape of the narrow road, another is because of the large amount of koji (rice malt) manufacturing businesses, and the third is that it was originally called "kofuji" (road to the provincial capital) as the Koshu Dochu Road led to the Musashi Kokufu (the provincial capital of Musashi Province). It was customary that during the Sanno Festival, the dashi (floats) would pass around Hanzomon and enter the grounds of Edo Castle.