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Current Address
Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki / Nagata-cho
A tract of land from Sakurada-mon Gate to around Torano-mon Gate. According to legend, this is said to be the place where Prince Yamatotakeru set a sekisho (barrier station) against the Emishi, and because this barrier separated the Yamato with a kasumi (mist) and because it was a place from which one could see the far off places separated by the mist it was called Kasumigaseki (gate of mist). It is located on the Yamanote plateau and connected to Edo Castle, and as it was a key point in the defense of the castle, it served as an area for the residences of a large number of Daimyo (feudal lords). It is often pictured in nishiki-e centered on the hill.