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Current Address
Minato-ku, Hamamatsu-cho / Shibadaimon / Shiba
A bridge which spanned the Kanasugi-gawa River (regional name for the Furu-kawa River) linking present day Minato Ward Hamamatsucho 2 chome, Shiba Daimon 2 chome and Shiba 1, 2 chome. In addition, the seaside from the bridge south to the Shiba-bashi Bridge that spanned the Iruma-gawa River was called Kanasugi. There are several theories on the origin of the area name including one which says that "Kanasugi Daimyojin Shrine was constructed at the request of fishermen so that the Japanese cedar ?like chinaberry trees , which emitted a yellow light on dark nights, could serve as a landmark from the open sea", and one which says that "it was a corruption of Kanasuki, a name from Suzaki".
Further, the Satsuma Clan Kurayashiki residence, where Katsu Kaishu and Takamori Saigo met and decided on the bloodless surrender of Edo Castle, is in Shibacho 1 chome south across the Kanasugi-bashi Bridge.