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Current Address
Taito-ku, Imado / Hashiba
The area from Imado-bashi Bridge to Kanegafuchi on the right bank of the Sumida-gawa River. It is noted in the "Gikeiki" (a military epic about the life of Yoshitsune) and the "Genpei Seisuiki" (The Rise and Decline of the Minamoto and Taira Clans) that there was a floating bridge at Hashiba, and that is said to be the origin of the name. The Hashiba ferry linked the present day Hashiba 2 chome with Sumida Ward Tsutsumi-dori Road. A new port was opened in Imado while an old port existed in nearby Ishihama, and it is thought the name Imazu (current port) became linguistically corrupted to Imado. Imado Ware (dolls, tiles, etc.) were one of Edo's meibutsu (famous products), and the kilns and smoke of Imado Ware being baked were often pictured in nishiki-e.