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Current Address
Chuo-ku, Nihonbahihakozaki-cho / Koto-ku, Saga
The bridge was located approximately 100 meters upstream from its current position in the Edo Period. The bridge is said to have been built in either 1696 or 1698, and before this was a ferry called "Fukagawa no watashi" (Fukagawa ferry). The name of the bridge came from the fact that the bridge was built facing towards the region which was called Eitaijima because it was long ago an island, however there is also a theory that it was partially in celebration of the 50th birthday of the 5th Shogun Tsunayoshi. In 1807, one of the bridge girders collapsed under the crowds heading towards the Fukagawa Hachiman festival, and nearly 1,500 people drowned. It is famous as the bridge the Akoh-gishi (47 ronin) crossed when they withdrew from the Honjo Kira residence to Sengaku-ji Temple.