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Current Address
Arakawa-ku, Nishinippori / Kita-ku, Tabata
It is said that the area name originates from either the fact that Ota Dokan's branch castle was located here, or because it was the location of the Seki Dokan, the founder of the Kanno-ji Temple (present day Tenno-ji Temple). The area was located at the highest point of the Yamanote plateau and provided a great view. The area was known for mushikiki (enjoying the sounds of insects outdoors) and was visited by writers in the autumn who would listen to the sounds of crickets and bell crickets while glancing at the moon. The nearby Shoko-ji Temple, Hongyo-ji Temple and Seiun-ji Temple were called Yukimi-dera (snow viewing temple), Tsukimi-dera (moon viewing temple) and Hanami-dera (Cherry blossom viewing temple) by writers.