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Basic techniques for care of paper materials

Conservation of paper materials: Minor repair

These are links to English translations of the texts used in our on-site training program for librarians in Japan as well as to video clips with English subtitles.

  1. Whole text including introductions to tools, starch paste and Japanese paper
    Text (PDF: 5.04MB) Video
  2. Mending tears with overlapping edges
    Text (PDF: 657KB) Video
  3. Mending tears with sharp cut edges
    Text (PDF: 564KB) Video
  4. Mending tears passing through texts or illustrations
    Text (PDF: 558KB) Video
  5. Repairing missing page corners
    Text (PDF: 562KB) Video
  6. Hinging-in a detached page
    Text (PDF: 813KB) Video

Japanese bookbinding and how to handle Japanese-style library materials

Disaster Preparedness

NOTICE: This is a simple manual for treating library materials in general based on the cases in the National Diet Library. When you treat rare books or severely damaged materials, we recommend you to consult expert in conservation treatment.

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