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Training Program for Librarians and Researchers for Japanese Materials

The National Diet Library (NDL) offers training programs to librarians and researchers who deal with Japan-related materials in order to further strengthen support for Japanese Studies conducted outside of Japan.
Participation in this program provides an opportunity for them to enhance their expertise in acquiring and providing information on Japan as well as to interact with other participants, NDL staff members, and people from other related organizations.

Date From Thursday, February 15, to Friday, 23, 2018
  • *Seven days of classes, excluding Saturday and Sunday
Main venue Kansai-kan of the NDL
8-1-3 Seikadai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0287 Japan
Qualifications The program will accommodate approximately 10 people.
Anyone who satisfies the following four conditions is eligible:
  1. Employed as a librarian at an organization that provides information on Japan or studying about Japan as a researcher (or equivalent position).
    * Librarians are expected to have roughly 3 to 10 years of experience. Researchers are expected to be a doctoral candidate or graduate of a doctoral program.
  2. Able to understand lectures in Japanese including technical terms about a library.
  3. Able to pay all costs related to travel and accommodation during the program.
  4. Willing to report on the program to other organizations related to Japanese Studies in your home country.
Availability About 10 people
Language All training is conducted in Japanese.
Costs Although the program itself is provided free of charge, participants are expected to pay all costs of travel and accommodation.
How to apply
Please send email to <k-trainingat n d l dot g o dot j p> and include your name and a description of the organization to which you belong. We will send you an application form. Please fill in the necessary information and send it to <k-trainingat n d l dot g o dot j p> by email.
  • *This is for security. Sorry for inconvenience.
Partial participation is acceptable.
Please note, however, that we prioritize participants for all days and that we do not give a certificate for partial participation.
Deadline for application 5 p.m. (Japan Standard Time) on October 31, 2017
If space is still available even after the deadline, we will continue to accept applications.

Participants who successfully complete the training program will each receive a certificate of completion.

  • *Participants will be asked to respond to a questionnaire upon completion of the program. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.
Date / Venue Content
February 15, 2018
Kansai-kan of the NDL
Self-introduction by participants (*2)
User registration and guided tour
NDL databases
NDL ILL services
February 16
Kansai-kan of the NDL (*1)
How to research materials about Japanese humanities
How to research materials about the Japanese Diet and government
Exchange meeting
February 19
International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken) Library
Visits to Nichibunken Library
February 20
Kansai-kan of the NDL
Individual research at the Kansai-kan
Special lecture
"KuLA (Kuzushi-ji Learning Application)"
Prof. Yoichi Iikura, Osaka University
February 21
Kyoto Institute,
Library and Archives /
Art Research Center,
Ritsumeikan University
Visits to Kyoto Institute, Library and Archives
Visits to Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University
February 22
Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties /
Nara National
Museum Buddhist Art Library
Visits to Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
Visits to Nara National Museum Buddhist Art Library
February 23
Ryukoku University Omiya Library
/ Kansai-kan of the NDL
Visits to Ryukoku University Omiya Library
Briefing (*2)
Closing ceremony / distribution of certificate
  • (*1)A social gathering will be held after the program on February 16.
  • (*2)Participants are expected to choose their own research topics and inform us in advance. There will be some time for participants to conduct individual research at the Kansai-kan and Nichibunken. Advice and support for your research topics may be available on request at the NDL or other institutions. Participants are expected to make a brief presentation in Japanese for 10 minutes on the first day of the program and write a report on the results of their research after training. Report may be posted on NDL website or publication.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Below is a photo and comment from one of the participants of training 2017.
More details: https://www.ndl.go.jp/en/publication/ndl_newsletter/211/21105.html

lecture at Ryukoku University Omiya Library

guided tour at Nichibunken Library

observation of the digitization process at Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

Direct inquiries to:
Training and Exchange Section,
Library Support Division,
Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
E-mail: k-trainingat n d l dot g o dot j p

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