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5-3 Constitution Popularization Society, "Program for the Celebration Commemorating the Enforcement of the New Constitution," May 3, 1947

 A celebratory performance was held at the Imperial Theater. Following a speech given by Hitoshi Ashida, chairman of the Constitution Popularization Society, were several performances which included "Celebration Symphony (in F Major)" by the Toho Symphony Orchestra, and a violin recital by Nejiko Suwa, and "Musume Dojoji" performed by the Kabuki actor Onoe Kikugoro VI. According to the "Project Outline Report" from the Constitution Popularization Society, the people invited included members of the Imperial Family, members of both houses of the Diet, government officials, and representatives from many schools ; also invited were representatives from each of the countries of the Allied Powers. It was a wonderful program, and the record shows that Toho Co., Ltd, the operators of the hall, staged it without regard to the cost, and finished preparations within a very short period. Ikebana and works of art were displayed for the enjoyment of the foreign VIPs and masters of the tea ceremony (Omotesenke) served tea during the intermission.

Actual Title of Source Shin Kenpo Shiko Kinen Shukugakai
Date May 3, 1947
Document Number Suzuki Takao Papers: 67
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