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5-12 Government Section, Memorandum on Status of Bills Implementing Enforcement of New Constitution, February 28, 1947

 This memorandum, created by the Legislative Division in Government Section at GHQ, lays out the status of the bills necessary to put the new Constitution into effect. Government Section had split the bills into three categories as of February 28, 1947: bills received in GS; bills not received in GS; and additional bills which the Cabinet proposed to present in next Diet. The bills were organized by type according to the relevant ministry, with the date they were received by GHQ and the name of the person in charge there. From this memorandum we can see how GHQ organized recommendations to the Japanese government in regard to bills designed to put the Japanese Constitution into effect.

Actual Title of Source Memorandum, Subject: Status of Bills Implementing Enforcement of New Constitution.
Date February 28, 1947
Document Number GHQ/SCAP Records, Government Section Box No. 2088 "Constitution, 1945-1950" <Sheet No. GS(B)00645-00646>
Repository (reproduction) National Diet Library
Repository U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (RG331)
Note Microfiche
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