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4-17 Celebration of the "Constitution of Japan Promulgation Commemoration Ceremony" in the House of Peers, November 3, 1946

 Hideaki Kondo, who later held the post of Secretary General of the House of Councillors, was also engaged as the Secretary of the House of Peers in the operation of ceremonies that took place in the House of Peers. There are a wide variety of documents left related to the ceremonies, such as a program of the ceremonies and a draft of a reply to the Imperial Message. We can also see the round trip train ticket commemorating the promulgation of the Constitution of Japan issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation which was stuck to the back of the invitation to the "Commemorative Rally for Tokyo City Residents" which had been sent to Kondo from the chairman of the rally's action committee, Shinsuke Kuwahara (President of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly).

Actual Title of Source Nihonkoku Kenpo Kofu Kinen Shikiten Kankei, Kondo Jimukan
Date November 3, 1946
Document Number Kondo Hideaki Papers: 257
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