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3-24 Summary of Prime Minister Shidehara's Explanation of the Draft Constitution in the Privy Council, March 20, 1946

 On March 20, 1946 at a meeting of the Privy Council, Prime Minister Kijuro Shidehara explained how the Outline of a Draft for a Revised Constitution was to be made public. In those days, when a matter needed to be brought before the Privy Council, to make the issue public before the Council saw it would have been an act of extreme disloyalty. However, the situation was explained to the Privy Council, which recognized that the pressure by GHQ to hurry the announcement of the proposed draft of constitutional revisions required that it be made public on April 17 before they could see it.

Actual Title of Source Nijuichinen Sangatsu Hatsuka Sumitsuinni okeru Shidehara Sori Daijin no Kenpo Soan ni Kansuru Setsumei Yoshi
Date March 20, 1946
Document Number Sato Tatsuo Papers: 212
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