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3-11 Whitney's Memorandum Regarding the Japanese Government's Proposed Revisions, February 6, 1946

 Verbal orders by General MacArthur were put in writing on February 4, which became the basis for GHQ to start work on drafting a Constitution. But, on the other hand, GHQ was demanding that the Japanese government urgently submit its own proposal. Whitney's memorandum to MacArthur explains that the Japanese government proposal would be submitted the following day, and that the Cabinet had arguments over provisions related to armed forces, and estimates that the GHQ draft would be ready for submittal by the weekend, or February 9.

Actual Title of Source [Check Sheet, Government Section to Commander-in-Chief, dated 6 February 1946, subject, "Constitutional Revision"]
Date 6 Feb 46
Document Number Alfred Hussey Papers; Constitution File No. 1, Doc. No. 9
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