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3-1 Emperor, Imperial Rescript Denying His Divinity (Professing His Humanity)

 This Imperial Rescript was released on January 1, 1946. In it, Emperor Hirohito declares that he is not a living god and that the concept of the Emperor's divinity is not true. This would turn out to be the first step bringing about fundamental changes in the position of the Emperor. On that very day, MacArthur commented on this Imperial Rescript praising the Emperor as a leader bringing democracy to the people of Japan.

Actual Title of Source Kanpo Gogai Showa Niju-ichi Nen Ichi Gatsu Tsuitachi Shosho [Ningen Sengen]
Author(s) or Creator(s)  
Place of Publication Tokyo
Publisher Printing Bureau of the Ministry of Finance
Date of Publication January 1, 1946
Physical Description  
Call Number CZ-2-2
Repository National Diet Library
Actual Title of Source Press Release: Gen. MacArthur Sees Liberalism in Imperial Rescript
Date 1 January, 1946
Document Number Soshireibu Shirei Oboegaki Rui [GHQ Directives and Memorandums], January 1946
Repository (reproduction)  
Repository National Diet Library
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