Jonston, J.: Naeukeurige beschryving van de natuur der viervoetige dieren, vissen en bloedloze water-dieren, vogelen, kronkel-dieren, slangen en draken

Amsterdam: I. I. Schipper, 1660. 1 v. <WB29-12>

The original was in Latin and this was translated into Dutch by M. Grausius. The book is divided into six sections for four-legged animals, fish, sea creatures, birds, etc., and has 250 copper engraved plates. This was known as 'Yonsutonsu' to the Dutch studies scholars, and was referenced by Otsuki Gentaku for his Ran'en tekiho and Rokumotsu shinshi , and many artists, such as So Shiseki , also used it for their illustrations. Hiraga Gennai obtained it in 1768 and called it Komo kinju gyokai chu fu. According to Komo zatsuwa, it was also possessed by the Katsuragaawa family.